Friday, November 16, 2012

Going to the Dogs

The weather is getting cooler, it does not get real cold here on the Texas Gulf Coast, it might hit the freezing mark for a day or so out of the year.  Our dogs, Bella, Zora and Ginger always look forward to the day when I bring home a couple of bales of hay.  Yesterday was Christmas for them; they got their two bales of hay.  I always love to see them get really happy over something like this, so much fun to watch.  Bella tore the bales apart as fast as she could while Zora pushed hay into her dog house.  Ginger looked for lizards, but that’s Ginger the hunter.  Zora, the husky mix does not have her winter coat yet so she was really happy to get the hay for her dog house.  I even put some hay on the swing she sleeps on sometimes.  It was funny to watch Bella rolling and tunneling through the hay, she really enjoys playing.  Sometimes the simplest things are the best, we need to learn from them how to enjoy the simple things.

Here is a pic of Bella enjoying the hay:

 No luck with the rats lately.  The trap showed it triggered last night, but the rat got away.  

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